Malibu for Ironman’s Tony Stark House Set

Translite view from Tony Stark's house.
Malibu daytime translite view from Point Dume

For the first Ironman feature, Michael Riva, production designer, and his supervising art director, David Klassen, brought Richard Lund to the Point Dume vantage point in Malibu where the house was to be virtually built. Richard and his son Neil set up two digital cameras on the two sides of the hillside and prepared to shoot the mountains and the sea. Sequences of panoramic style were created and later composited into the wrap-around view. Because they were looking for a specific clarity and sky, they returned several days in order to capture it.

Later, the images were put together. The night also incorporated details shot from a vantage point a few miles closer to Santa Monica in order to make visible the historic Pier.

Additionally, shots were made of the view from Tony Stark’s office and prepared for that set. The scale model fighter jet displayed in the patio entrance to the building was enlarged in the printed background to help reveal it more easily in the shots made on stage. Additionally many logos were added to the Orange County buildings to tell the story of how massive was Tony Stark’s empire.

About Richard Lund

Translite photographer and a reader and a talker.
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