Getting ready for what’s next…

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Not time to fear the future, is it?

My friend Paul has often remarked, “I am just getting ready for what comes next.” Good answer.

History can be kinder than life at the time. We think back to the cigar chomping, plump guy in the UK who said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” He’s a role model. He spoke truth. And I think he lost an election down his road. But when we hear the name Winston Churchill, we recognize him as a leader.

Today’s post is short. I gotta do some other stuff. But I did run across one photo that I want to share. Here’s the story.

My wife handles the front yard plants. (For some, they would call it the front garden.) She has some cactii. One bucket has some in it that are resourceful. They don’t get a lot of water. Just enough, I guess. But every so often, something beautiful happens. They flower. And it is over pretty quickly. One day we see the bud, the next the flower blooms, and then it’s done. But when it is there, well, you take a look below.

Good life lesson. (If you don’t like the homespun kind of stuff, more Hollywood coming soon…Brad Pitt movie in a couple of posts.) But for me, it is something like this. Beauty comes every so often in a harsh climate. You better be ready. Enjoy it to the full when it blooms. And remember it for the dry days ahead. No matter what happens to Wall Street or Main Street or Fleet Street or the EU or the EEUU… we must pay attention to the beauty and roughness that shows it right here, maybe in our own gardens. It is okay to turn off the TV and skip Drudge or Huffington or Aljazeera for a bit and just look around. It just might be flower blooming day…

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Roughness and beauty go together well.

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